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"Brothers  born unto DESTINY, bonded by BLOOD, enslaved by FATE and driven by Vengeance..."


The story centers around two main heroes,the Wild Card Brothers, the "prodigies of New Dendera,"  Nuri and Mathias Mauntess, and their deep,colorful relationship with their now missing father the great Menpatyre Mauntess, a prominent controversial figure of Tekhen City with a deep ancestral background rooted in the very foundation of the cities architectural creation and development. Menpahtyre Mauntess single-handedly created the city's middle class business infrastructure through money won from casino and street gambling. Through the use of an ancient Khemetic mathematical techinque known as the "Arkailian Variant," Mauntess was able to "TAKE THE HOUSE" in multiple casino and gambling rings - a feat never before done in Tekhen City history. When asked why he was always so lucky, he would always point to his sons and say, "How can I lose? I got two wild cards in my pocket." When first opening a fresh new deck of cards the very next thing you do is .... REMOVE THE TWO JOKERS! Why? Because the regular rules don't apply, empowering them with the ability to crush every card in the deck. The Wild Card Brothers live up to this in every aspect! 


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