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TEKHEN CITY.... One of the most "awe" inspiring cities in the world. Staking its claim to fame through superior technological advances and sophisticated,intricate techniques of gambling upon which the very city itself was built. Three entities fuel the economy of this great American City - the tourism due to the breathtaking high tech ancient architecture of the city itself; the casinos; and, most of all, THE SUPERBIKE RACES! Hailed as the "Vegas & Silicon Valley of the East",Tekhen City is the crown jewel of the East Coast. A city full of majestic mystical wonder and dark secrets,Tekhen pays homage to its ancient Afrikan ancestry. Two 90-degree angles joined to form this jaw dropping "City Of The Sun" which sits on a perfect square.  In its beauty Tekhen City is unrivaled! 





                 STARFLY AWAKENING

True Identity: UNKNOWN

"When injustice goes unpunished the universe is out of balance..."


Synopsis: Starfly Awakening is one of the most intricate and complex characters of the Wild Card Chronicles universe. From her mysterious look and back ground to the stand out egyptian hieroglyphs running up her leg and thigh, Starfly Awakening is the glue that holds the story together. Owner of a mysterious Voodoo/Wiccan store.


NAME: Jintara Bengall
STREET NAME: Thaiphoon Thaigrrr
KNOWN ALIAS: Ratana Pen-Chan  crystal full moon"
CLAIM TO FAME: Unsung hero of the Thai People
SUPERBIKE:  Yamora S690 Sabre Tooth


BIO SYNOPSIS: As the offspring of a native Thai mother and a U.S. military Black father, Jintara spent her younger years living in both Thailand and Japan.. Her family bloodline and lineage on her mother's side trace back to a small village  in southern Thailand which harbors a dark secret. Legend has it that the families of this village form the infamous Tigata Clan who are a sub division of the Yakuza Ancient Order of Assassin. Due to her mixed bloodline, Jintara suffered horrible ridicule from her pure Thai family members as well as her arrogant Japanese counterparts.  Therefore, Jintara trained twice as hard and twice as long as her classmates in the deadly dark arts of the Assassin Order. During a ritual rights of passage tournament at the age of 16, Jintara simultaneously bested 3 of her arrogant Japanese classmates, even killing one in self defense who tried to take it too far. For this, Jintara was outcast and banished from the Order. Fearing for her life, her parents left Southeast Asia and returned to the U.S. where a deal was made and she was brought under protection of Menpehtyre Mauntess and the House of Ra.




Street Name: JIN (gold or golden)


Background: Su-tek was born and raised in the Chinatown district of Tekhen City. He is a descendant and heir to the noble House of Su-tek, the honorable warrior clan that established order and protected the rise and stability of the legendary Tang Dynasty of the Golden Age of China.

As one of the greatest Superbike Racers in Tekhen City history, Jin Su-Tek turns pro winning multiple  Superbike Championships. Upon the betrayal of his brother and assassination of his father by the Triads, Jin returns to Tekhen City to avenge his father and return order to Chinatown.

A loyal friend to the Mauntess brothers(Nuri and Mathias), Su-Tek is instrumental in helping them establish the Biker Ji'had during the time of the infamous Street Wars where the  war for the fate of Tekhen City would be waged through illegal underground superbike street racing and motorcycle grudge matches.


NAME: (Flaming Torch from Heaven) "Kali" for short

AGE: 19
SUPERBIKE: Ikuzu 750 Predator


BIO: Born and raised on the island of Kaua'i Hawai'i, Kali is the daughter of the High Chief of the Wailua River Tribe. Being a girl growing up in a warrior tribe wasn't easy and it forced her to take on a unique toughness and the character traits of the tribe. Due to her warrior upbringing, she can be seen performing the ritual war dance known as the Cibi Siva Tau before competing in any event or going into battle! Kali carries a deep secret and heavy mantle.  She and her younger sister are the last remaining bloodline descendants of the last monarch Queen Liliuokalani. The dwindling economy for Native Hawaiians due to colonization forced Kali to leave her native Kaua'i to find her fortune in Tekhen City.




STREET NAME: "Ruin" (previously "Rebel")

SUPERBIKE: Hansen Bennett Street Ghost 1800

CLAIM TO FAME: Maldito Rosea Crux ( Latin: The cursed Red Cross), because of his shame in the wake of the " mother charter" of the TTMC, Constantine was branded,literally, and forced to bare a shameful mark of the Cursed Red Cross.


BIO: Charlemagne Garza was the youngest member of the "original five" of the Templars Talon MC and the lone survivor of the infamous "Night of Reckoning". With the Mother Chapter of the TTMC all but wiped out Garza was driven from his home city of Tekhen. Forced to make a dangerous and perilous journey across country on his infamous  2wheel street beast known as the "Devil's Cut",Constantine setup and became a twisted cult like leader of a church like following comprised of outlaw bikers who respect and look up to him due to his heritage and being apart of the no defunct but legendary Templars Talon MC.

 Constantine is of royal Spanish descent born and raised in Tekhen City. Legend has it that he is not only a descendant of one of the very first orders of The Templars Talon but he is also the bloodline heir to the throne,the final monarchy of Spain.


            YAYI THE QUEEN 


NAME: Yayi Ramos

STREET NAME: The Queen Of Hearts

SUPERBIKE: Ikuzu 1399 Phoenix ltd. QOH edition

CLAIM TO FAME: First Lady to wheelie 2 and 4 wheels, owner of the infamous QOH Bullies Kennel


 Yayi Ramos was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, New York tolegendary grass roots activist and founder of the Youth Lords,who later evolved into the Latin Lords, Jose Ramos . Mentoring slightly younger girls of the streets like Lapis LaLa Capriatti who was not only her greatest student but would later become best friends to the point of sisterhood.With a strong sense of pride in her race/people,Yayi can often be found helping them in anyway possible. With her loyal companion  pitbull named Blue Label and  her samurai blade in hand The Queen Of Hearts is not to be trifled with. A master at the art of Bushido,Yayi lives by a strict code of honor forever keeping her blade close. She hears the "Call of the Warrior" upon the wind and never fails to answer!

Like her close friend Nuri Mauntess with whom she shares a checkered past,Yayi has the rare ability to instill her ideals and passions into the hearts of her friends,people and countrymen thereby willing them to unite for a common cause.

For a young woman she has a very old soul and wisdom is her most powerful weapon. Her DOMINANT DEMEANOR makes her a formidable woman which allows her to go toe to toe with any man. Through her father's legacy, 2wheel domination and blade skills the Queen Of Hearts garners the respect of the Latin Lords and controls Spanish Harlem from 110th to 125th street. Yayi is the owner of Flesh Fantasy 5,the most talked about strip club in Harlem.




Ethnicity: Egyptian/Sicilian

Nickname: LaLa Capri the 2wheel Warrior Poet

Superbike: Shindo 900 Beast Master

Weapons: 2 Taurus .44 "Raging Bull" magnums

Claim to Fame: Known for her emotional poems depicting the rough,urban street life she grew up in and sees daily, LaLa is tough, witty, and street smart. Her uncanny ability to make split second decisions coupled with lightning fast reflexes has earned her underground title Superbike Street Drag Race Queen of Brooklyn.


BIO: Lapis is the illegitimate daughter of notorious Mafia Kingpin Giancarlo Capriatti,the Don of the Capriatti crime family. She is half Sicilian and half Egyptian. Often ridiculed by her family members and estranged from her relatives on her father's side due to her mixed lineage, LaLa was raised up hard on the streets of Brooklyn by her uncle (her mother's brother) in the wake of the disappearance of her mother. Outcast from the Capriatti Family, she was often called the "mafia mutt" during her early years by the criminal underworld. The love of her father, despite the family's wishes, has secretly protected her in her youth.



Lapis Lazuli is an ancient Egyptian royal blue gold speckled gem stone of great power and TRUTH.When working or meditating with Lapis Lazuli, it can bring matters more clearly to the mind. It is one of the most powerful stones and should be used with care.





Street Name: SG "Six Guns" Psycotic

Street Bike: Ikuzu Predator-750

Weapon of Choice: dual hi-tech Colt Army Action revolvers heavily modified


Bio: Jimmy Six Guns hails from Brooklyn, NY. He is the head of the notorious Psycotic MC who were created and evolved during the infamous Superbike Street Wars. He and his MC were instrumental in aiding Lala Capriatti, his childhood friend, in her ascension to the status Boss of all Bosses. Serving in the same U.S. Marine Spec Ops Unit with Nuri "Lord Joker" Mauntess during the Last Great War, he saw action all over the world. His keen wit, superior CQC and marksmanship skills make him a formidable WARRIOR. In the "art of the six gun", James is UNRIVALED. His epic rise to power is infamous and a stand alone epic story in its own right.



Zaltana- Native American meaning high mountain (Native American)

Vasudha = Earth, Goddess (ancient Indian Hindu Sankrit)


SUPERBIKE: Ikuzu T-750 Interceptor

CLAIM TO FAME: "Duo Rota Mortem Mangone"


BIO: As RUTHLESS as she is BEAUTIFUL, Zaltana Kashmir is one of the coldest two wheel drag racers on the  Tekhen City scene, rivaled only by her New York counterpart and best friend LaLa Capriatti. Spending just as much time in NYC in her younger years as she did in Tekhen City,  Zaltana earned street cred and fame in both cities simultaneously. Destroying both males and females on two wheels the Latin Lords of NYC dubbed her "Duo Rota Mortem Mangone" (The Two Wheel Death Dealer)!

Born in Tekhen City to a Native American Mother and East Indian Father, Z has a rich revolutionary history being the direct descendant of Lakota Chief Spotted Elk and East Indian Emperor Shah Jahan who was well known for erecting the famous Taj Mahal. Little is known of why her father came to the states and why Z has taken the controversial  town of Kashmir as her last name.

Thru her uncanny ability to centralize and harness the power of her Qi(Ch'i) by way of her mantra, Zaltana is said to have the power to "will" her bullets into her targets thereby leading some to believe she can curve bullets around corners and objects. The fact that she takes the tedious time to carve her victims names in ancient Sanskrit into rifle projectiles which are said to glow once etched giving the projectile a distinct appearance and sound when fired from her high powered assault rifle, adding to her legend, myth and mystique!




Ages: 20 (Identical Twins)
Claim To Fame: The Prodigies of Praetoria

BIO: Known as the Sons of Praetoria and bloodline heirs to the Templar's Talon MC, Vance and Vander are identical twins with unique, opposite personalities. Rich boys, thrill seekers, and wanna-be gangsters.  Do not let their look fool you. These boys are wealthy and own major stock in their family's corporation known as Biocron. Out of the ashes of the Night Of Reckoning came the rise of the Steel Horse Brigade MC which was led by the twins. Legend has it that, on the Night of Reckoning, as their father lay dying from his wounds, he reached up and signed the SHBMC charter with his own blood. (Praetoria is a wealthy metropolitan suburb outside the Tekhen City border where where the "well to do" corporate tycoons and their families reside.)

                   AZRIEL ARRAKIS

                      (the Dancing angel or angel of retribution)


Street Name: Dama Rojo (Lady Red)
Superbike: Ikuzu 690 Black Widow
Claim to Fame: Model/Muay Thai fighter


An up and coming fashion runway model, Azriel is the young cousin of Burning Spear nightclub owner and former heavyweight boxing champ, Thaddeus "Crib Rocker" Raines. Never knowing her parents, she was raised by her older cousin Thaddeus who is always defensive and apprehensive about speaking of her parents. Keeping that knowledge hidden from her causes her to constantly rebel and lash out. As a result, some describe her as a wayward soul who loves to party. Most of the time you can find her dominating the dance floor at The Burning Spear. Much like her cousin, Azriel is a strong fighter. Trained by the Masters of TC's Chinatown district, she is highly skilled in the art of Muay Thai. She was always a huge fan of the Jokers Wild Racing Team which inspired her to learn to ride. When the time comes, she is eager to join the Jokers Revenge MF to aid them in their gambit for RETRIBUTION.


STREET NAME: Alley Kat or just "Kat"
SUPERBIKE: Ikuzu 670 Panther
CTF: Victory Lane Bookie and Flagger

 KITTY, short for Katima (pronounced Ka-teema), is a young head strong up and coming street racer with dreams of one day joining the Jokers Wild Race Team. A dream she is forced to keep secret due to her job and ties to Praetoria. A dream she now realizes can't come true due to the closing of the GGP race track which sends her down a dangerous dark road to destiny. A banker's assistant by day,Kat works  at Tekhen Banx Inc., known as one of the largest banking chains in the world. Being the loving mother of two biracial boys puts Kat on thin ice with her relatives,the Praetorian elite and she does whatever it takes to provide for them. Kat is the local bookie and race flagger at the popular double wide alley and bar known as "Victory Lane", a place where underground Superbike Grudge matches are held.

TITLE: Lord of the House Mauntess (House of Amen Ra'at Het Heru)
STREET BIKE: Benson 1800 Phantom
CLAIM TO FAME: Tekhen City benefactor,champion of the poor, justice scale balancer. Financed and oversaw the building of the Giza MotoGP Racetrack,creator and leader of the Ghost Razors Elite special forces unit under the classified military Project: A.R.C. Angel

BIO: Husband of Iset, father of Nuri & Mathias the brothers born unto destiny. Mempahtyre, Lord of the House Mauntess, is considered to be the most influential man in Tekhen City. Often heralded as the city's Protector Of the People, Mempahtyre guards the middle class an small business infrastructure. Keeping the corporate elite at bay and balancing the scales of justice both financially and physically. While his gifted gambling abilities suppliment the small business infrastructure his unique Marine Corps Spec Ops combat experience in conjunction with Project: ARC Angel enables him to defy insurmountable odds when facing street thugs and criminal factions. Being a street smart kid growing up Mempahtyre could always handle himself in a fight. He and Carlo Capriatti were good friends growing up. Legend has it that the Lord of House Mauntess was instrumental in Capriatti's rise to power in New York City.  



STREET NAME: Red Rasberi
STREETBEAST (BIKE): Samura 760 Sabretooth
CLAIM TO FAME: Owner of the FF5

BIO: The infamous owner of the Flesh Fantasy Five strip club, Kelly is driven by ambition, money and power! Building her empire by winning illegal, back alley drag races she is a 2wheel force to be reckoned with. With no loyalties to any one faction she is as deadly as she is beautiful. Little is known about her past except the fact that she has dark ties to Yayi The Queen of Hearts! 










"Brothers  born unto DESTINY, bonded by BLOOD, enslaved by FATE and driven by Vengeance..."


The story centers around two main heroes,the Wild Card Brothers, the "prodigies of New Dendera,"  Nuri and Mathias Mauntess, and their deep,colorful relationship with their now missing father the great Menpatyre Mauntess, a prominent controversial figure of Tekhen City with a deep ancestral background rooted in the very foundation of the cities architectural creation and development. Menpahtyre Mauntess single-handedly created the city's middle class business infrastructure through money won from casino and street gambling. Through the use of an ancient Khemetic mathematical techinque known as the "Arkailian Variant," Mauntess was able to "TAKE THE HOUSE" in multiple casino and gambling rings - a feat never before done in Tekhen City history. When asked why he was always so lucky, he would always point to his sons and say, "How can I lose? I got two wild cards in my pocket." When first opening a fresh new deck of cards the very next thing you do is .... REMOVE THE TWO JOKERS! Why? Because the regular rules don't apply, empowering them with the ability to crush every card in the deck. The Wild Card Brothers live up to this in every aspect! 


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