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                                                         "TRULY WHY WE RIDE"
                                                              The Meaning Behind The Movement

            "Where does paradise reside... IT RESIDES IN THE SHADOW OF THE SWORDS!"

The Arabic word "ji'had" means "righteous struggle",some translate that as holy war. To some of us this 2 wheel love affair has become Holy in the sense that you ride RELIGIOUSLY! To a select few it's ALL ABOUT THE RIDE!

Make no mistake about it, you DANCE WITH DEATH every time you mount that 2wheel BEAST yet we do it anyways because we know that somewhere past the fear, death and adrenaline which is our STRUGGLE resides pure PARADISE in our love for the RIDE!

The Biker Ji'had is an UNSTOPPABLE MOVEMENT!

"LIBR8 YO'SELF IN 2014!"- Lord Joker(Alpha Trion Prime)

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