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Nuri Amen Ra, affectionally known as Lord Joker, is the carismatic leader/PACK ALPHA PRIME of The Joker's Revenge Motorcycle Family out of the infamous DMV (Washington D.C. area). He is the Owner/Creator of Burning Spear Comix and the Author of The Wild Card Chronicles Comic book series.



 A little background on us and The Wild Card Chronicles graphic novel/comic book series. The plot line and story is loosely based on and inspired by the epic creation and rise of The Joker's Revenge Motorcycle Family and its members who stood up and dared to be different when it was not popular to do so.

 For over 10 yrs we endured,never wavered or flinched in the face of adversity and all while building a strong family and holding strong to our ideals. Over that time we've had the privilege and honor to ride with all sorts of local Motorcycle Royalty,men and women who,as I said,do it for the pure love of THE RIDE.

 Experiencing a story this unique and special I felt that it should be forever immortalized in ink. So I decided to chronicle elements of that journey and the people who lived it into a COMIC BOOK SERIES thereby FOREVER IMMORTALIZING THEM IN INK which, if successful, will guarantee them a place in history. The Wild Card Chronicles is a series that will tell the story of the motorcycle world and some of its unsung pioneers set against the back drop of urban underground motorcycle street racing!


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