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Nuri McAdams is the owner of Burning Spear Comix and the genius creative mastermind writing the story of the WildCard Chronicles. Nuri is a US Marine veteran and Motorcycle Club President of the Jokers Revenge Motorcycle Family based in the Washington DC area who utilizes his expertise to bring a bold and edgy perspective to the comic landscape. Nuri draws his artistic and creative inspirations from his life experiences and the heroes he looks up to such as his father John McAdams, Jr, Todd McFarlane, Ken Lashley, Kuen Tang, and more.


Nuri McAdams


Alexandre brings his dynamic artistic talents to the Burning Spear team.  He is a proud father and husband who intentionally works to keep a balanced work and family life. He is a published illustrator for various independent titles such as Rage, Salt City Strangers, and Ruthless.  


Alexandre Nascimiento


Yuan Cakra is our amazing colorist who continues to deliver the brilliant, eye-catching colors that pop off the pages!  Yuan has been in the comics industry for over 10 years. His body of work includes independent comic titles, as well as some mainstream publishers.  His favorite artist is Alex Ross.  


Yuan Cakra


Kuen Tang, known as The Mighty Kuen, is the first quadriplegic comic book letterer in the world to work for DC comics. Currently, she letterers for many interesting and independent projects including a few all women collaboration books, artistic poetry books, unlikely super heroes, and motion comics.

Matt Krotzer is a letterer and graphic designer. Matt provides sound to comics, bringing voices to characters and delivering top-notch sound effects. Known for his work on The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild, the upcoming graphic novel Just Princesses, and numerous independently-published books.


Kuen Tang, Matt Krotzer


Moana leverages her leadership, project management, and business expertise and works behind-the-scenes to empower the team to create their best work. She proudly represents Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the broader AAPI community and promotes diversity and inclusion to advocate and empower people and cultures not seen in mainstream media.


Moana McAdams

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.25.26 PM.png

Mohammed is a freelance illustrator who specializes in comic art, concept art, illustration and character design. At a young age Mohammed was exposed to the art of drawing by his mother after she saw his interest in comics and cartoons. Mohammed developed as an artist by creating graphic novels and animated shows.

Concept Art

Mohammed Agbadi

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